The Israeli Air Force Raid on the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor
Get Your Own Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Lithographic Prints Commemorating This Historic Event
The Painting

Famed military historian painter Jack Fellows was commissioned to capture the essence of the mission. The painting is a riveting piece infusing a spirit of accomplishment for the greatest Air Force on earth. The painting has been reproduced in 550 limited edition lithograph prints individually singed and numbered by the artist. The painting displays two F-16 Netz aircraft bombing the reactor. These were last two over the target which was attacked by a total of four pairs of F-16s. The last pilots out, "Relik" Shafir (foreground aircraft) and his wingman, Ilan Ramon, seen behind Shafir, emerged unscathed from a furious cauldron of antiaircraft ordinance put up by the Iraqi defenses, as did the six pilots who preceded them. Ilan Ramon volunteered to be the last pilot out, predicted by the IAF to be a casualty, because he was the youngest member of the team and was yet married. Ilan Ramon later became Israel's first astronaut, was later to die tragically in the American space shuttle Columbia explosion over Texas in 2003.